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Romain Jerome Spacecraft: Batman Watch

The memorable Romain Jerome Spacecraft has a new family member and it's inspired by the caped crusader from Gotham City. The Romain Jerome Spacecraft: Batman is an edgy update on the original model that split opinion with its bizarre shape and novel time indication system. I'm all for uniqueness and

Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. Watch

With the release of this limited edition Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. watch everything has finally come full circle for me when it comes to my relationship with luxury "nostalgia" watches. I once smirked sarcastically when people bought watches that reminded them of their favorite 1960s and 1970s era race

Romain Jerome Steampunk Auto 46 Watch Review 

When Romain Jerome came out with the Steampunk Auto 46 watch collection, I barely noticed. There have been seemingly so many versions of the Steampunk watch, that I didn't really see too much difference about this particular new collection. In fact, the most "unique" element of it (at least this

Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter GMT Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

In 2013, Romain Jerome debuted the original limited edition Moon Orbiter Tourbillon watch (hands-on here) which was meant as a space- or spaceship-themed watch that looked like nothing else out there. With an unusual, horizontally wide case shape, the original was certainly visually and technically interesting, and I am sure

Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA Watch

The newest classic video game-inspired watch from Swiss Romain Jerome (RJ) is the Tetris-DNA, and it serves as yet another homage to a great 1980s-era video game. Tetris was actually a soviet game created in Moscow during the time of the USSR. Romain Jerome has already graced us with watches

Romain Jerome Batman-DNA Gotham City Watch Hands-On

Romain Jerome partnered with DC Comics to release the Batman-DNA watch back in late 2014, just in time to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first Batman comic. Now, we see the release of the Romain Jerome Batman-DNA Gotham City watch, showing the familiar Batman logo soaring above a 3D-looking