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Ritmo Mundo Carnival 241 Watch Review

Different people buy watches for different reasons. I find that little fact very interesting. Fashion, function, formality, the list goes on... As a city dweller, I enjoy scoping out the types of watches people have on their wrists. It fascinates me as to what people choose. Especially the 30 under

Ritmo Mundo Quantum Watches Review

In 2013 watch brand Ritmo Mundo quasi re-launched itself with a new collection of timepieces called the Quantum. The history of Ritmo Mundo is an interesting one. It was started by Ali Soltani, whose family owns and operates the Los Angeles watch retailer David Orgell. From selling timepieces to producing

LAST CHANCE: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Watch Giveaway

Now close to the end of the month we will soon announce the winner of the Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time watch. With a neat flipping ("orbital") case, the large watch has three distinct movement inside of it. Enter here for your chance to win it. SOURCE:

Reflex LED Watch Review

The Reflex watch combines snap bracelets from a few decades ago with LED watches from even more decades ago. All in a colorful and inspired package that is meant to appeal to people today. I first saw these watches about a year or so ago and they instantly caught my