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Christie’s Tests Online-Only Watch Auctions

Major auctioneer Christie's is currently running their first ever "online-only auction," "The Essential Watch Collection" These days, we're all accustomed to researching watches online, and then, very likely also buying them online. Major auctioneers have for a long time been trying to get a piece of the "eBay pie," and

Movado Series 800 & Heritage Calendoplan Chronograph Watches

Movado is almost always immediately associated with the Museum series, and for good reason - it’s an iconic design, and one instantly recognizable as being from the brand. But those watches definitely skew towards the dressier end of the spectrum. What if you wanted something a bit, shall we say, sportier?

Movado Edge Watches Designed By Yves Behar

Movado has just released a new collection of watches called the Movado Edge which, according to the American-based watch company, have been designed by famous industrial designer Yves Behar and his firm fuseproject. The Movado Edge collection will initially be comprised of a range of models for both men and

Movado SE Extreme Automatic Chronograph & Diver Watches

Remember Movado? Yeah, they are still around. The American-based watch company is still holding its own out there as a decidedly more quiet company with mostly a focus on points of watch sales rather than media and publicity. A few years ago, Movado created the SE Extreme collection which from