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Louis Moinet Jurassic Limited Edition Tourbillon Watch

Louis Moinet Jurassic limited edition watch

Louis Moinet Jurassic Watch is an ultra-expensive limired edition tourbillon watch. It only limited to 12 hand. The reason this is called the Jurassic watch is a good one. We are used to having dials with some odd things on them like moon-dust, or simply having no dial at all thanks

Louis Vuitton men’s watch-Tambour Blue Chronograph

Louis Vuitton men's watch-Tambour Blue Chronograph

Featuring the V signature designed by Gaston Vuitton, this masculine timepiece exudes a refined, casual elegance. Its rich design incorporates a deep blue color that complements the black V and contrasting brushed and polished metal finishes. Detailed Features Swiss made - 44mm stainless steel case - Blue dial with black V signature &