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Historic Glycine Watches Acquired By Invicta

Acquisitions are rarely a surprise in this day and age, and especially in this industry, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't at least a bit surprised to learn that the majority stake of Glycine Watch S.A. has just been sold to the Invicta Watch Group. As pioneers

Glycine Combat 6 Watches On The Cheap

Looking for a good deal these days on a new watch? Want something classic and Swiss? Want it to have a decent movement but don't want to pay too much? Well then Glycine might have just what you are looking for with the new watch Combat 6 watches - that

Glycine Incursore II & III Watches

The popular Incursore collection from Glycine returns with a model II and model III. Relatively inexpensive, these watches comes with a few dial styles and with automatic or manually wound movements. Actually, the price of the pieces with a manually wound Unitas 6498 movement is the same as the watch

Six Professionals That Tend To Be Watch Lovers

Enjoying watches is typically not a solo activity. Watch lovers like myself feel the need constantly discuss or mentions watches, much to the dismay of non-watch lovers. But when you meet a fellow horological enthusiast, the conversation quickly becomes lively as shared interests intermingle. In my time I have realized

Glycine Airman Watch iPhone App

Is this Apple-horology? Glycine is the first luxury watch brand to make an iPhone app, but this execution of the concept is perfect. For those interested in the novelty, or who cannot afford the fine timepiece, they can get the next best thing, which is this clever app for the

Glycine Airman Base 22 Watch

You either really like Glycine pilot watches or you don't. Some people swear by them. From a price/quality standpoint, Glycine is a pretty good value - no matter what watch in their collection that you like (pilot watch or not). The Airman Base 22 is the most recent iteration of