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Gavox Avidiver Watch Review

Gavox is a Belgian micro-brand started in 2011 by Michael Happé, grandson of one of the legendary Flying Tigers. With DNA like that, Gavox produces, as you might imagine, aviation-oriented watches at reasonable prices. We’ve covered a few of their pieces before - the Aurora and the Squadron - and found

Gavox Aurora Watch Review

The last time we were taking a look at a Gavox watch, we had a very pilot-specific model on our wrists, the Gavox Squadron. Given the brand's focus on aviation, we have not moved far afield from the world of pilot watches, and their latest creation, the Gavox Aurora, brings

Gavox Squadron Review: A True Mil-Spec Watch

These days, we've got quite an abundance of watches that either intend to mimic military or aviation watches of the past, or even that are re-releases from older catalog items. If you want to get into a watch that has actually been on the wrists of service members, however, your