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Dietrich Snow Watch Hands-On

This was a pretty cool and innovative new watch that I got to learn about at the 2012 GTE event in Geneva recently. The brand is called DDietrich (by Mr. Dietrich) and they have at least two models right now. One is called the Night and another is called the

Dietrich OTC Watch Is Pretty Cool For €1,000

The boutique, relatively affordable, watch brand Dietrich will soon release a brand new model that we think is going to be rather cool for the price. Their new watch is called the Dietrich OTC (OTC-A01), and rather than "over the counter," that stands for "Organic Time Chronometer." Sound like a

Dietrich OT-3 Watch Review

Truly, the first thing I felt when wearing the Dietrich OT-3 watch for the first time was how it fit on the wrist, and nothing about its patently avant-garde design or unique value proposition. Even with all of Dietrich's effort to create something new in terms of design and case

New Dietrich OT Watch Styles & Price Cuts

When I had some hands-on time with the Dietrich OT-3 back in June, I rather liked what I saw (aBlogtoWatch Dietrich OT-3 watch review here). It was a unique case shape, of course, combined with some other organic and architectural elements that really gave it a distinctive look. Since then, the

Dietrich O.Time Watches With Colorful Forged Carbon Bezels

Forged carbon has been "in" for a while, even though the material has been mostly reserved for but the most luxurious(-ly priced) brands. Dietrich is among the small but ever-growing army of very competitively priced brands to embrace this highly durable material and now adds some unique colors to it with