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Appealing Watches With Sharp Black And Steel Contrasts

Watch makers can have a good time playing with colors and materials. A typical favorite among watch designers is sharp transitions from one material, color or texture to another. This often yields in an interesting look appealing to the eye due to the constant contrasts. Lights appear lighter, and dark

Concord Announces New C1 Chronograph Watch

Concord has updated their C1 Chronograph range with a new look for 2013, and let's just say it looks... familiar. The new C1 retains the same 44mm footprint as the past models but the design as been massaged to be a bit more reserved, now featuring a slimmer crown, improved

Concord C1 Radar Watch

I finally figured out who this watch is good for! The Scarecrow. On good days it can be the Wizard of Oz scarecrow, on bad days, the one from Batman. Why that character? Well the "technofabric" strap of the watch just seems to match the burlap sack... mask that the

Diamonds Are A… Man’s Best Friend?

It is no secret that precious jewels have always featured in men's high-end, luxury watches. Yet it seems that these days more and more of these jewels are finding their way onto dials, bezels and bands, as opposed to only being incorporated in the complicated movements that power these incredible