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Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Collection

I chose the Bathys Benthic Ti (titanium) as the first watch to write about for this brand. There is no particular reason that I haven't written about Bathys watches yet - I simply needed to get around to it. Now you might hear about this Hawaiian watch brand often. I

Bathys Bomb Timer Watch Hands-On

This is a working prototype of Bathys' upcoming Bomb Timer watch - and it is very cool. I want to make two things clear from the start. First, as I said, this is a prototype, and will undergo a few changes before production. This includes aspects of the case, dial,

Bathys Cesium 133 Atomic Clock Watch Now On Kickstarter

Bathys is, without a doubt, one of the more unique American watch brands currently in operation. We know this because out of nowhere they developed the world's first atomic clock wrist watch. Prior to last year, it was sort of an idiosyncratic brand, with those who knew of the brand singing

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends October 11, 2013

We kick off October by checking out the biggest winners and losers of the recently concluded Only Watch 2013 charity auction. We also review the new MB&F Legacy Machine 2, take a closer look at the new Big Bang watches and their UNICO movements, a unique Bathys atomic wristwatch and

Giveaway: Bathys Benthic Ti Watch

OK, I have to admit I am jealous - I want one of these. One of you will get to win this fantastic Hawaii-based Bathys Benthic Ti watch this month. It might be cold outside, but you can dream about an island paradise. 48mm wide and in titanium, this large

Last Chance: Enter To Win Bathys Benthic Ti Watch

It has been a good month for Hawaii based Bathys. You have just a couple more days to enter to win one of their Benthic Ti (titanium) watches. The watch is incredible, and comes in a genuine Pelican waterproof case. Enter here for your chance to win one before November

Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Winner Follow-Up Review

Below see a follow up review from the winner of the highly desired Bathys Benthic Ti watch that I gave-away here. Thank you Pat for the thoughts: When my Bathys Benthic Ti arrived over a week ago, the first thing I did was pull out my recently acquired 1962 Omega Seamaster.