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Azimuth SP-1 Landship Watch Review

I am about to review what is essentially a model tank for your wrist that tells the time. The Azimuth SP-1 Landship is a whimsical watch not meant to replace a daily wear, but an interesting part of the larger watch universe that takes into consideration the distinct "hobbyist" form

Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider Watch

Azimuth is a Biel, Switzerland-based indie brand committed to realizing genuinely interesting, out-of-the-box concepts through highly unusual case designs and modified base movements with modules. More often than not, such an avant-garde take on wristwatches results in stratospheric prices; Azimuth, on the other hand, also strives for accessibility – and all this is

Winner Announced: Azimuth King Casino Watch Giveaway

Congrats to Rajvind D. from Singapore, who is the lucky winner of our recent Azimuth King Casino watch giveaway. Some gambles really do pay off! Thanks again to everyone who entered, and please enter this month's giveaway here for a chance to win a Halios Tropik B watch. SOURCE:

Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider ‘Bike Chain’ Watch Hands-On

We see a lot of car-inspired watches, don't we? What about watches inspired in part by motorcycles? Not as much. Well, the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider watch offers a very literal interpretation of that design theme. It claims inspiration from the winding interstates of the U.S. highway system, and if you

Azimuth Bombardier VI Watch Winner Announced

We'd like to congratulate Ron M. from British Columbia, Canada who was the lucky winner of the Azimuth Bombardier VI watch that we gave away last month on aBlogtoWatch. This month we have an equally exciting giveaway with the Delma Santiago Blue Shark diver. SOURCE:

Azimuth King Casino Watch

The Azimuth King Casino is sure to divide opinion. More sculpture than timepiece, this roulette-inspired wristwatch is part tool, part toy. If you're not familiar with the brand, this model may shock you, but rest assured, Azimuth have previous experience in the bizarre. Where most brands might look to establish

Azimuth Twin Turbo Watch

Azimuth is a Swiss-based independent brand that is renowned for using base movements to create very interesting and avant-garde watches. To get a sense of what I’m talking about, check out their SP-1 Landship watch or their more recent King Casino watch. Despite their unusual designs, they are actually powered by

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Azimuth King Casino

The year 2016 starts off with a winning choice, as aBlogtoWatch offers a most unique timepiece for our giveaway item this month, thanks to watch maker Azimuth. The Azimuth King Casino watch was released in 2015 (debuted here) and brings back the previous Azimuth SP-1 Roulette watch with a larger case

LAST CHANCE: Azimuth King Casino Watch Giveaway

Just a short time left in January and for your chance to enter to win an Azimuth King Casino watch in this month's watch giveaway on Click here to enter, as well as learn more about the watch and the giveaway. Good luck, and don't forget to check out our giveaways each month on

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Azimuth SP-1 King Casino

In February 2016, the monthly giveaway watch on aBlogtoWatch was an Azimuth SP-1 King Casino. The winner was Rajvind D., and he has written a review of this quirky piece for the aBlogtoWatch audience. Thanks to Rajvind and all the other watch winners who share their experiences with the world. Here is Rajvind's review: Firstly, before I