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AVI-8 AV-4047 Watch Inspired By Hawker Harrier II Jet Engine

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser AVI-8 watches are known for making pilot’s watches with mechanical movements that are available to a large audience of watch enthusiasts. Our latest piece is from the Hawker Harrier II line, the AVI-8 AV 4047 is inspired by the Hawker Harrier custom built engine

AVI-8 Flyboy 4021 Automatic Watch Review

It isn't all the time I get excited about more affordably-priced mechanical watches such as the Flyboy by AVI-8. Why is that? Am I simply too much of a snob to be interested in those items that most people can afford even though I am one amongst them? No, it

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser Inspired by the instrument panel of the Hawker Hunter military jet, the new AVI-8 AV-4052 aviation watch continues the brand’s mission of creatively designed pilot’s watches that are accessible to a broad range of enthusiasts. Our previous watch was the AVI-8 AV-4047 that was