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Angular Momentum Dive-Tec/500 Watch

Angular Momentum is about to release a sensational dive watch the likes of which I've never seen before. Most of Angular Momentum's design are polarizing, so I don't expect each of your to like this watch, but enough of you will appreciate the interesting concepts that went into it. Like

Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Damascus Watch

Here is another artful creation from Angular Momentum that has caught my eye. Using beautiful Damascus steel, the La Boulle Classic Damascus watch combines the unique type of metal work with Angular Momentum's common disc display dial and case. The dial is purely minimalistic. A black sapphire crystal has a

Angular Momentum 9 Dragons Collection Watches

You can disagree with me but I think that watches containing hand-painted dials are pretty cool. Especially when the dials depict actually masculine things like dragons. Most of these watches seem to be of flowers, fairies, or family portraits. I can dig these. Not on a daily basis, but I