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U-Boat U-51 Rattrapante Video Review – Literally Awesome


I recognize Baselworld 2010 has already been far, however the footage that people got there’s still relevant and fun, and for that reason we still produce videos using the HD footage we’ve got there last spring. The newest release is really a video presentation of 1 of my personal favorite watches of 2010, the U-51 Rattrapante by U-Boat Watches. The funny factor is the fact that after i saw the very first pictures of it’ did not enjoy it whatsoever. I Then authored about this in certain blogs both off and on the Baily Blog (see New U-Boat Model: U-51 Rattrapante and U-Boat U-51 Rattrapante Complicated Watch – An Increased Masterpiece), and also the conspicuous masterpiece began to intrigue me. After I finally reached film it and have fun with it at Baselworld 2010 happens when I fell deeply in love with it.

U-Boat-U-51-Watches U-Boat-U-51-Watches

The U-Boat U-51 Rattrapante signifies an account balance between your sophistication of high-finish horology and Italo Fontana’s rugged, industrial design concepts. The 51mm wide and nearly 2 centimeters thick, stainless is not delicate within the smallest, but shows plenty of careful craftsmanship.

Transcription of Video

The U-Boat U-51 was launched in ’09 and it is the very first “complicated” model the youthful company has produced. Only 100 are going to be manufactured and presented within this Italian leather situation.

What’s awesome concerning the U-51 is it is large, robust, and thick like other U-Motorboats, but is operated by a classy automatic Swiss movement that allows the moment function, which we will have in a little. The stainless situation is 51 mm wide, therefore, the title, and that is excluding the hefty crown and pushers. The specifically engraved movement is seen with the azure very back. Most prominent may be the oscillating rotor that winds the timepiece even though it is in your wrist.

So, allows see exactly what the “momentInch or “rattrapante” function does. So you will find three chronograph pushers instead of the typical two. Because all U-Boat watches are set up to become a lefty, the main functions are put on the left. To win the timepiece I unscrew the huge crown cap, and wind the crown as always. Near the crown you discover the beginning or quit pusher that is placed at the base here and also the totally reset button on the top. The 3rd button controls a red-colored second’s hand that runs together using the primary whitened one and it is placed underneath. When you push the button, the red-colored hands stops, permitting the individual can certainly have a time reading through as the chronograph is constantly on the run. Pressing the 3rd button again releases the red-colored hands, which immediately catches to the primary second’s hands. Therefore, the title “Rattrapante,” which in French literally means “Making up ground with.”

Despite its bulk, the U-51 Rattrapante is very elegant. It’s fitted having a luxurious alligator and rubber strap and also the stainless is immaculately sculpted and handle within the company’s training courses near Florence. In comparison to my average sized, 42mm Anonimo, the U-51 is very large, however this just reflects how everything about it really is increased and, literally, awesome.