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Several men’s wrist watches for leisure activities

After a hard day job, your husband must be very tired and expects to have a nice weekend for leisure activities. You know he is the person with strict time keeping, so why not give him a nice watch, which is especially designed for such occasions. Telling time is just one simple aspect to own a watch, actually, the wrist watch you wear can evidently tell others who you are, showing your different taste and temperament. In a word, it’s an essential job to select an appropriate watch for men.

1.Tag Heuer Carrera Men’s watch Wv 211A.BA0787

It is Carrera 40th Anniversary watch with silver shell and silver dial. The whole design is very simple and elegant. For long years, Tag has always been noted for making grace wrist watches with excellent performance in the world, so the Carrera is not an exception as well. To make sure of its high quality, self-winding automatic movement is the perfect choice as the heart of Carrera. Through professional tests, the movement has been proved that the power reserve is roughly 42 hours. Besides, watch case and bracelet are made from stainless steel. So you don’t have to worry that the strap will smell once getting sweat in hot days. And the sapphire crystal case must provide better protection for the elegant dial.

2.Omega DeVille Prestige Men’s Automatic watch 424.

Omega is a famous Swiss brand with great reputation all over the world. This new men’s watch not only inherits its traditional and classical design, but also makes some creation. The simple and elegant design gives you a fresh feeling, just like something new happening. Silver dial with silver-tone hands and Roman numerals markers form a harmonious picture. Besides, the power reserve of automatic movement is 48hours, longer than the above one. However, as same quality as it has, the Omega watch also adopts sapphire crystal to make its front case, which is scratch resistant and anti-reflective3. Is it a really fine wrist watch?

3.Reef Tiger Mountain Rainier RGA161-YWB

seattle mountain rainier
With more than one hundred years’ experience, Reef Tiger has created many remarkable watches for the public. And usually we are attracted not only by its outstanding appearance, but also by its excellent performance such as precise working. The case material is stainless steel, shining charming metal luster. The copper-made hands seem like sharp swords, pointing the time accurately. And the symbol of power and noble, the date display, is firmly inlayed in the 9 o’clock position of the dial. I think no one will deny that its good performance art source of high quality Asia BJ25 automatic movement. And that’ s one aspect to show strongly its charm among a crown of watches.

From what I mention above, I hope I have given you some useful advice to choose a perfect watch for your husband, prepared for leisure activities.