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The Seiko SKX007 Dive Watch Lume Timelapse Review

I’ve been curious about how long the lume on my new Seiko SKX007 lasts. So I did a little experiment last night. Before I got in bed I set the camera up to take a picture of the Seiko every 10 seconds, until either the battery ran out or the memory card filled up.

Before I started recording, I ‘charged’ the lume by holding it up to a lamp for about 30 seconds. The watch was shining extremely bright for a minute or two, but that initial brightness faded off quickly, before I started taking photos.

This video covers about 3 hours of elapsed time in 40 seconds. You can see that the lume fades quite quickly at first, during the first 45 minutes. After that it seems to settle in at a somewhat constant level for the last 2 hours 15 minutes.

I tried to get the exposure reasonably close to what you would see with your own eyes. I recommend watching in a dark room with your screen brightness all the way up for the proper effect. You should still be able to see the watch through to the end of the video.

Next test? Do this underwater! Still waiting on a good housing for my DSLR though.

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