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RSW Diving Tool Camo Limited Edition Watch

RSW Diving Tool Camo Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

I have no idea what manner of space robot warrior fighter is supposed to wear a watch like this. Now as a limited edition model with two camouflage dial options, the RSW Diving Tool watch gets even more distinct. I originally wrote about the RSW Diving Tool watch here when it first came out.

A bit larger than the Bell & Ross BR01, this piece takes the military square style watch a few steps further and offers something that would seem pretty suitable as a prop in Avatar. The steel case is 46.2mm wide (16.45mm thick) and offered in a brushed finish or in PVD black. The dial background colors include camo “woodland” and camo “oceanic” in the newer pixelated camouflage style. It makes for a fun and cartoony look, especially for those who want to look at their watches and smirk.

RSW Diving Tool Camo Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

As a diving watch the piece has a nice looking dial with very legible hands. I love that massive minute hand and the hour markers, those are clever in their design in my opinion. The case has a rotating bezel and is water resistant to 300 meters with a sapphire crystal. It might also act as a diving weight! No, not really. You might be asking yourself, “why does a diving watch need camouflage?” Well, it doesn’t. Not in the least, but it is sorta cool. And if you are diving with a camo watch then you  know that maybe, just maybe, it will be useful on one of your weekend warrior missions in the brush.

Inside the RSW Diving Tool Camo watches is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. Pretty standard, but fine. I think that the price of these watches is actually quite fair, and if you recall these Camo versions of the Diving Tool watches are limited edition pieces. According to RSW there will be 49 pieces for each dial – I don’t know if that means 49 total, or 49 for the PVD versions, and PVD for the naked steel versions. The limited edition number of the collection is right on the dial. Note how the watch render below is a mistake because they use the Camo three-hand dial on an RSW Diving Tool Chronograph watch case.

RSW Diving Tool Camo Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

RSW will offer the Diving Tool Camo watches (reference family # 7130) in a Pelican-style case with a rubber strap, NATO-style strap, and a matching camo Swiss pocket knife. Just don’t drop the pocket knife in the wrong terrain or you may never find it again. Prices are pretty reasonable at 2,245 Swiss Francs for the steel Camo versions and 2,345 Swiss Francs for the PVD black steel Camo versions.