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Represent Your Pokémon Go Team With These Colorful Divers


Admit it – You’ve been playing Pokémon Go like crazy this last week, just like the rest of the world. I know I have, and so has nearly everyone I know.

With the battle lines being drawn in your local neighborhood between the three different teams – Team Mystic, Team Instinct, and Team Valor, it’s time to let the world know which team you’ve pledged your loyalty to as you’re headed out to the local gym.

The best way to do this? Wearing your teams colors of course. With each team represented by a primary color, wearing a colorful diver would be a great, if subtle, way to let those around you know who you fight for.

Here’s my choice for a representative watch for each of the teams:


Team Mystic (Blue Team)

The Seiko 5 SRP781K1

Declare your allegiance to Team Mystic with this gorgeous automatic Seiko 5. The blue two-toned bezel combines with the blue rubber band to proudly show your team colors. The white dial with blue accents provides a nice flash of contrast as you wander through the world.

The Seiko caliber 4R36 automatic movement of the SRP781K1 speaks to Team Mystics thoughtfulness and obsession with detail. The ability to hand-wind will come in handy when you’re sitting still for hours observing and documenting Pokémon behaviors.

Team Valor

Team Valor (Red Team)

The Casio MTD1069B-1A2

The dark case and band of the Casio MTD1069B combines with the bright red accents on the bezel and dial markers to subtly show your thirst for power, and thus loyalty to Team Valor.

Red Team believes that Pokémon are stronger than humans, anybody with a competitive streak will need to pursue partnerships with the strongest Pokémon, and find ways to enhance their natural powers.

This black and red watch will only enforce your reputation for being fierce and aggressive among your peers.


Team Instinct

Team Instinct (Yellow Team)

The Timex T2N958 IQ Adventure Series Depth Gauge

The Timex T2N958 IQ, with it’s subtle yellow accents on the dial but bright yellow strap speaks to Yellow Team’s playful attitude. Not out to dominate anybody, or unlock the secrets of the Pokéverse, Team Instinct is in it for a good time.

The T2N958 comes with several useful features while out and about, casually looking for your local Pokémon. The temperature gauge will let you know whether it’s just too hot or cold out to bother being outside. And the depth gauge comes in handy when you decide to take a break and just go snorkeling or diving, leaving your phone behind.