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Adhaesio – forever in contact


MeisterSinger presents a wrist watch featuring again Zone

We travel more than ever before – and often, when we’re far at home, we understand just how much this means to all of us. Knowing what the time is in your own home is a means of remaining connected and allows us to get familiar with what’s happening there, even when only in thought. Once we’re home, we are able to always remain in connection with other areas around the globe once we might call partners, makes bids at auctions, or think about those who are close to us, despite the fact that they might be far.


We frequently suffer from various situations concurrently, fitness center away. However the time isn’t the same everywhere, which could soon result in uncertainty, less than knowing whether it’s morning or evening at another place. Habits the exhibiting of again zone is among the most widely used and broadly used complications which include in mechanical wrist watches.

Using the Adhaesio, the only-hands watch specialist MeisterSinger is promoting a dual timer that expertly follows its very own aesthetic concepts and also the confident perception its clients have of your time. For a long time now, MeisterSinger has constantly developed watches with a lot more functions and try to handled to figure out ways that embody the essence of their single-hands watches, both technically and when it comes to design. The Adhaesio too is really a typical MeisterSinger, both in concept and appearance.


A person, needle-sharp hour hands points to the present time or evening in the location of their individual, accurate to within 5 minutes. Over the MeisterSinger logo design, an arrow suggests the 2nd local time on the 24-hour ring, which gradually rotates inside a clockwise direction. Both of these occasions are separated with a second ring, which shows the date.

The carefully selected typography guarantees the display is clearly readable. The time and also the date form one natural unit. The 2nd time zone is clearly visible. Both rings are positioned slightly much deeper compared to edge and the middle of the dial. Sign of MeisterSinger, the hour thus remains aesthetically within the foreground.


The Adhaesio is run by a Swiss automatic movement, the ETA 2893. The neighborhood time, the 2nd time zone and also the date all can easily be modified through the crown.

43 millimeters across, its stainless situation is mere 10 millimeters high. The Adhaesio connects it individual with two timezones which are both vital that you him – or help remind him constantly of the place he’s mounted on.