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Vulcain Company Under New Ownership

Swiss watch brand Vulcain announced today that they have been acquired by new corporate owners. Little is yet known about the unnamed group except that it is from Luxembourg and already involved in luxury watches. By no means the first time for the brand to change hands since its origin

Vulcain Watches At L’Heure Asch In Geneva

One of my favorite under represented Swiss watch brands is Vulcain. I have written about them before, for example here when I discussed how the brand gives one of their watches to each new US president (specifically it was for Obama). That watch happened to be Vulcain's new Anniversary Heart

Vulcain Diver X-Treme Automatic Limited Edition Watch

I didn't have the nicest things to say about the last Vulcain Diver X-Treme watch that I talked about. I mean, I liked how the watch looked, but seriously doubted how "extreme" it was. That has pretty much all changed with this new Vulcain Diver X-Treme Limited Edition watch, that

Vulcain Aviator Instrument Chronograph Watch Review

It’s no surprise that pilot’s chronographs are so popular among both watch aficionados and just ordinary citizens. With their aggressive tool watch presence, reputation for precision, and aviation/military heritage, they toughen up pretty much any wrist. But there are a ton of iconic pilot-styled chronographs out there to choose from

Vulcain Aviator Cricket Alarm Watch

The Vulcain Aviator Cricket alarm watch is a variant of last year's Vulcain Aviator Instrument that boasted a chronograph but lacked the alarm function. It's a pretty significant feature for most watches, but for Vulcain, the alarm complication is more than just an additional function: it is the foundation of the brand's longevity. Vulcain

Vulcain 50s President’s Watch Hands-On

Yup, this watch is called the "50s President's Watch." While that sounds a bit funny, let me explain. In 1953 Vulcain gave a Cricket Alarm watch to President Harry Truman. Since then they have given watches to all the US Presidents (yea, I know the issues about gifting things to