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VicenTerra Luna Watch

Are you ready to support the semi-crowdsourced VicenTerra Luna watch? The last time I heard from the very-boutique Swiss watchmaker VicenTerra was when the watchmaker in charge was thanking me for writing about his first watch, the GMT-3 back in 2010. Back then their first watch could be had for

VicenTerra GMT-3 Watch

This watch isn't real... yet. But it likely will be. VicenTerra has an interesting offer for the first 100 people who put down money for one of these interesting GMT-3 watches. If they pre-order, it will cost them only 5,000 Swiss Francs as opposed to the anticipated retail price of

Vicenterra GMT-3 Volume 2 Watch Hands-On

The Vicenterra GMT-3 Volume 2 is amazing in that it allows us to have a unique view on the planet that we live on, depicting this heart-warmingly beautiful celestial body as a tiny rotating globe. Its proprietary movement module couples this rather unusual display with a GMT subdial, a day-night indicator, and also a retrograde date