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Tutima Watches’ Secret Flight School

Seems as though a few times a week I am informed about a new pilot watch. Brands like to talk about how this feature helps pilots with this, and how aviators love that. Apparently someone uses a slide-rule bezel, and being able to see 12 timezones at once is useful.

Tutima Glashutte Homage Minute Repeater Watch

The big news is that Tutima just opened up their own movement manufacture they call the Glashutte Factory. To celebrate this they have released the first factory watch. It is the Tutima Glashutte Homage that is not only their first in-house movement, but also a minute repeater. According to Tutima

Tutima Patria Watch Hands-On

Do you know what happened to Glashutte-based watch brand Tutima over the last few years? They underwent a major corporate pivot and completely changed their entire production of watches and also replaced all the ETA movements they used to use with in-house made movements. Yeah, and they did all this

Tutima Glashütte M2 Seven Seas Watch Hands-On

If you recall Tutima’s cult-classic DI 300 with the same fondness as we do, you’ve probably noticed there’s long been a noticeable tool diver-shaped hole in the lineup of the venerable Glashütte manufacture, ever since 2013 when the brand made a strong push up-market, eschewing ETA movements for in-house produced

Tutima Grand Classic Power Reserve Watch Review

It is a good time to be Tutima. The recent announcement of their new movement manufacture launched with the Hommage Minute Repeater watch signals a bright future for the German brand. A brand that already has a reputation for making quality timepieces and finely regulating the movements contained within them,

Tutima M2 Watch Review

Tutima watches had a very proud moment in 1984 when their timepieces were chosen as the official timepieces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in Europe. This didn't happen because the chaps in Germany greased the right palms, but rather because their efforts paid off when it came

Tutima Grand Flieger Classic Chronograph Watch Review

Among the most collectible historic military pilot watches in the world are those produced in Glashütte, Germany, during World War II. Many of them were produced by Tutima, who seemed to more or less start out in the business of making aviation watches. Many of their vintage models require a

Winner Announced: Tutima M2 Seven Seas Watch Giveaway

We want to congratulate Benjamin J. from Englewood, Colorado, USA, who is the very lucky winner of last month's Tutima M2 Seven Seas watch giveaway. Congrats Ben, and thanks for being a valued aBlogtoWatch reader. We hope you enjoy your new watch and look forward to your wristshots! For all our

LAST CHANCE: Tutima M2 Seven Seas Watch Giveaway

There's still time left in March 2017 to enter to win your choice of a Tutima M2 Seven Seas watch in this month's watch giveaway. Click here to enter, as well as to learn more about the giveaway and the watch. Winners will receive this as well when they complete the review of their

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For most of us, our fathers have had a big influence on our lives and our tastes in watches, and in a special Father's Day article, we explore this relationship as part of this month's round-up. That aside, we also go hands on with new watches from Panerai, Omega, Rolex,