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Swatch Irony XLite Watches New For 2015

Swatch is a design machine and probably produces more new watches each than any other Swiss watch maker; and for 2015, we see the Swatch Irony XLite collection. Of course, Swatch's prolific design lab makes sense, since Swatch is a major money maker for the larger Swatch Group where the

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends February 13, 2015

I’m sure readers of this site will agree that one of the interesting, albeit more scarcely discussed elements of watch collecting is how desirable vintage watches - sometimes even important ones - are still being discovered now and then. These things don’t happen all the time, obviously, but recently, an important discovery

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Watch With New Models Now In Steel

Coming this fall, the famed Swatch Sistem51 collection gets its most important update yet: Swatch will debut six new men's and one new ladies' piece with the new Swatch Sistem51 Irony pieces, finally offering this impressive movement in steel cases. We have written so much about the Swatch Sistem51: we debuted it

Swatch Holiday Twist Watch

We brought you the Fiona Kruger Skull Watch for Halloween, but with Halloween behind us, the Christmas season is upon us. Poor Thanksgiving gets gobbled up by the ever-earlier end of the year holidays. Just when you are sure the Swiss watch industry is uber serious, along comes the Swatch

Swatch Sistem51 Watch – Cool New Styles For 2015

Swatch Sistem Cream SUTM400 Everyone's favorite fully robot-produced mechanical Swiss watches - the Swatch Sistem51 - is back for 2015 with five new styles that add to the original Sistem51 collection. Swatch debuted the exciting Sistem51 model range back in 2013 (here), but it was not until later in 2014 that