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Review Of The Suunto Core On

"At WatchReport, we're big fans of outdoor watches. We've reviewed several Casio Pathfinders, and today we have the Suunto Core Light Green. There are eight Core models, differing in case design and coloration. I chose the Light Green for both functional and aesthetic reasons - it's the lightest of the

Suunto Core Extreme Edition Silver Watch Review

A few years ago Suunto first released the Core. It was to be a stylish, highly variable in design, multi-sensor watch for everyone. The concept seemed to combine everything people likes about Sunnto and multi-sensor watches together. The Core was an immediate hit, but like all complex computerized item, it

Suunto Core Line Is Anything But Middlestream Wrist Computer

Last year Sunnto released the Core series of watches, attempting to merge style with Sunnto's almost legendary mixture of features and functions in what they call "wristop computers." The Core line does a great job of combining the functions that Suunto is known for. You get an altimeter (measuring altitude),

Suunto Kailash Smartwatch For Prolific Travelers

The Suunto Kailash is the Finnish sport watch company's first "premium" smartwatch, and it has been designed specifically for very frequent travelers. The name of the game for smartwatch makers today is to answer the question, "what do I do with it?" Consumers are increasingly fascinated by the new designs

The New Suunto D4 Dive Computer By

Suunto recently introduced an entry level dive computer that they're calling the D4. It's not as complex as either the D9 or the Vyper we covered previously; rather, Suunto describes it as "the introductory model in the Suunto diving line". When you're talking about Suunto, however, even "introductory" means an

Suunto Triathalon Collection t6c Red Arrow & t3c Black Arrow Watches

Suunto doesn't make just "watches," but rather "wrist-top computers." This new line of watches has been designed in partnership with the International Triathlon Union (ITU). That means the watches have been designed for some serious and specific training use. The traditional training watch was light weight, had some timing functions,

Suunto Essential Copper Watch Review

As I prefer to spend my weekends either underwater or high on a mountain trail, my love of mechanical watches is often set aside for mission-specific pieces like a Suunto Zoop dive computer or various "ABC" watches for trail duty. ABC watches, called so for their inclusion of an altimeter,

Suunto Elementum Aqua Diver Watch Review

I've been a Suunto fan ever since I got my first Suunto watch back in college. That was a negative LCD Suunto Observer, and is still one of my favorite digital watches. I was intrigued back then by the Finnish brand that didn't sell "watches," but rather "wrist-top computers." A

Suunto Elementum Terra Watch Review

Every time I run into someone wearing a Suunto watch, I can't help but ask them how they like their watch. Often times I catch them off guard. Before a "hello," I just spew out, "how do you like your (Observer, X-Lander, Elementum, etc...)." Usually they take a moment to