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Storm Caspa Watch Review

Given the types of watches I frequently write about on aBlogtoRead, you might think me the type who is able to afford many of these timepieces. That isn't true - it may be that I just do all this to get access to stuff I wouldn't otherwise be able to

Storm Mekon Watch

I was waiting for someone to do this. It was only a matter of time before the watch world was able to release a budget version of the Corum Bridge watch. Storm UK was the one that did it. Of course this is not a replica or the same watch,

Storm Chrono Terrain Watch Review

Storm is probably going to do pretty well with this watch. It isn't very expensive, and it has a cool action-hero style look that will appeal to the masses. I personally was gravitated to it when I first learned of it, and a boyish sense of "I want to put