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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Sisu Guardian Q1-50

We have long enjoyed the bold sizing and styling of watches from California-based Sisu, and in this month's aBlogtoWatch giveaway, we offer you the chance to enjoy one too. Not for the faint-of-heart, one lucky winner will get to strap on a Sisu Guardian Q1-50 watch of their very own

Sisu Bravado A6-50 Watch For When You Need To Go Big

About three years ago, I last reviewed a Sisu brand watch. I have a soft spot for the California-based watch company because of their dedication to being loud. I'm loud, and so are their watches. With that said, I'm not always in the mood to wear a 50mm-wide watch like

SISU Bravado 55mm Watch Review

There are big watches and then there are bigger watches. The SISU Bravado sits at the top of the ladder being 55mm wide. For some people the mere idea of wearing a 55mm wide watch is insane, not only because of the size, but also because of the weight. On

SISU Guardian Watch Review

This watch is the 800 pound Gorilla in any room - and it isn't even the largest model that newer California-based watch brand SISU makes. Welcome the SISU Guardian timepiece. At almost 1 pound in weight, this steel beast is a hell of a watch and wrist statement. Half of

Sisu Carburetor Q1 Watch Review

California-based Sisu makes big watches, and that's all they do. However, there is more to the brand and its products than that, not least a healthy dollop of character. While size matters at Sisu, they offer impressive build quality and comfort, and the Sisu Carburetor Q1 watch I am reviewing