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New Ressence Type 3 Watch With Oil Temperature Gauge

While the meaning of unique is so watered down that it challenges "in-house" for sheer over-use, I have trouble thinking of a more appropriate way to describe Ressence watches. I would be surprised if anyone reading this wasn't aware, at least visually, of their Ressence Type 1 and Type 3 models which,

Ressence Type 5 Watch Hands-On

While I have yet to fully review the Ressence Type 5 watch out in the wild, I can enthusiastically say that I wish to. Belgium-based small watch maker Ressence released their first "dive watch" with the 100-meter-water-resistant Type 5 watch in titanium that is offered in cases with and without

Ressence Type 1 Squared Watch

It is often said that it is the dial that sells a watch. And yet, many watch brands seem to have a relatively simplistic approach to dial design. Ressence, however, is the exact opposite. In fact, the brand even professes to design their watches from the outside in, and that

Ressence Type 5G Watch

There are few watches like the Ressence Type 5. Actually, there are exactly zero watches quite like it – as the Type 5 continues the Ressence tradition of manufacturing the world’s first and still only oil-filled mechanical watches. And just ahead of Baselworld 2017, the award-winning Belgian watchmaker is introducing

Ressence Type 1 V Genesis Watch Is As Raw As It Gets

As they often say, "less is more" – and when it comes to watch brands, Ressence is one of the most interesting ones to perfect that approach. Today, the brand has released the Ressence Type 1 V Genesis, their roughest, rawest piece to date, designed to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the founding of the

Ressence Type 5 Oil-Filled Dive Watch

One of my favorite modern mechanical watchmakers Ressence today debuts their first dive watch with the Ressence Type 5. Based in Belgium and started by the truly passionate and innovative Benoit Mintiens, the Ressence concept is about creating an ultra-chic timepiece case filled with oil to create the illusion that

Ressence Type 3N ‘Night Blue’ Watch

After revamping their Type 3 last year to include an Oil Temperature Gauge, the new Ressence Type 3N offers the watch with a new "Night Blue" dial. The oil-filled dial looks great in this new color, adding a further aesthetic layer drawn from the mesmerizing dark blue. Made with rotating subdials

Ressence Type 5BB ‘All-Black’ DLC Oil-Filled Dive Watch

Ressence debuted their first dive watch back in December 2015 with the Ressence Type 5, featuring the Belgian brand's trademark oil-filled case along with a respectable 100M of water resistance. Ariel mentioned that it was his favorite Ressence watch to date. Now, the esteemed boutique watch brand unveils a model that opts for