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Raven 44mm Deep Diver’s Watch Review

Raven Watches have quickly made a name for themselves in the online forum space by offering nicely made Rolex Submariner homages at a very competitive price. The Raven 42mm Vintage was a fast hit among buyers looking for a watch that could echo a vintage Sub without costing quite so

Raven Trekker 40 Watch Review

In a previous review, I attempted to explain the existence of a rather pricey micro-brand diver, prompting a handful of readers to basically set the post on fire and dance in the warm glow of the comment area. Within the confines of that same micro-brand market, the new Raven Trekker

Raven Defender Watch Launched Via Kickstarter

We’ve covered watches from Benarus and Raven in the past, and now Raven has taken to Kickstarter to launch the Defender, a new model with an unexpected design and decidedly strong value proposition. While Raven, a sister company to Benarus, is generally known for making nicely priced homages to watches