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Prometheus Sailfish Watch Review

I recall the first watch Carlos Carvalho produced years ago under his then new Prometheus brand, called the Ocean Diver, that we reviewed here on aBlogtoWatch. About five years later, Prometheus watches has beat the odds for a small independent watch maker and continues to release new timepieces, almost prolifically.

Prometheus Manta Ray Watch Review

Up to now the Manta Ray is the most impressive watch Prometheus has released in terms of features and hardiness. I've reviewed other Prometheus watches here on and really like where the brand is going. There is a sincerity to the design and a practicality to their concept which

Prometheus Ocean Diver Watch Review

It is the watch that almost was not. It is proof that a concept and a dream, as a well as a strict adherence to promise and detail are what reign supreme in the world of fine watches. The watch industry presents a special opportunity for enthusiasts of this horological

Prometheus Recon 5 Watch Review

Here is another watch review contributed by Santtu M. I reviewed a previous model by this brand, the Ocean Diver watch here. See his review below: Recon 5 is the new product from Prometheus, a rather new boutique brand with plenty of determination. This is their take on popular aviator theme.

Prometheus Baiji Watch Giveaway

Prometheus just released their newest watch called the Baiji. The piece is meant to honor the now extinct freshwater dolphin species that was obliterated due to human intervention and pollution in their home waters in China. Baiji were incredible creatures and representative of an extremely rare class of Freshwater dolphins.

Prometheus Baiji Tritium Dive Watch Review

Written by D.G.C - who was the winner of the Prometheus Baiji watch giveaway here on Thanks kindly to him for his follow-up thoughts and pictures. Prometheus Watch Company is a serious new contender in the wrist watch world. The company is based in Portugal and joins a growing trend