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Pierre DeRoche Split Rock Dare Watch Collection

This watch is a self-admitted combination of luxury watch making and the "art" of graffiti from watch maker Pierre DeRoche. What is charming is that the Swiss watch maker sought out a Swiss based graffiti artist - who'd a thought right? The artist they worked with is Sigi “Dare” von

Pierre DeRoche Watches Interview With Founder Pierre Dubois

We've written before about Pierre DeRoche, high-end watchmakers with a fantastic collection of unusual complications. Check this out all those hands. Six, yes six, retrograde second hands. Over the top? Amazing? Both? The men's version: Their site has a very good animation of the mechanism that's well worth checking out. It looks to be

Pierre DeRoche SplitRock Watch Review

Pierre DeRoche is one of those interesting indy luxury watch brands you could go your whole life without noticing, but you'd be missing out on some interesting stuff. You might have heard of them if you are like me, so you'll be happy to check out my review of their

Pierre DeRoche TNT Watches Hands-On

Pierre DeRoche is a decidedly small brand with a big sense ambition. The brand owner is Pierre Dubios, one of the three Dubois brothers. The other two run Dubois-Depraz, the important watch movement module maker that I discussed here. For Pierre, Pierre DeRoche is sort of the unofficial Dubois-Depraz watch

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch

For Baselworld 2017, Pierre DeRoche unveils their latest novelty, the Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43. The latest renditions of the TNT Collection provide more reserved, and most importantly, more legible additions in a black and titanium color scheme and a black and tan. In a first for the