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Phosphor World Time Sport E Ink Watch Review

The E Ink watch saga continues over at Phosphor as their World Time watch (that I reviewed here) gets turned into the World Time Sport. This less expensive model gets a bit more hip and loses its buttons. It it hard to visually miss this all-white model, and you'll also

Phosphor Touch Time Watch On Kickstarter + Interview

If you are in need of any additional proof that Kickstarter is a great place to fund the development of a new watch, look no further than the Touch Time project from California based Phosphor Watches. Phosphor is well-known for their innovative digital watches which often feature E Ink (e-Ink)

Last Chance: Phosphor Reveal Watch Giveaway

Just a couple of more days to enter before a winner is chosen to win two Phosphor Reveal watches. Don't forget the giveaway post also has a special discount coupon for buying a Phosphor Reveal directly from Phosphor online. Click here to enter the Phosphor Reveal watch giveaway on SOURCE:

Phosphor World Time Watch Review

Phosphor watches can be credited with a very special honor. That being of the brand the officially popularized and mainstreamed e-ink watches. While they didn't invent the concept, they made them cool enough and affordable enough for mainstream adoption. With prices under $200, now everyone can have a neat looking,

Phosphor Reveal Watch Review

This is the Phosphor Reveal watch - and it is sort of a bling object for watch nerds (and nerdettes). This is a new type of timepiece for Phosphor - as up until now they were known for offering well-priced e-ink screen watches such as the World Time and Digital