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Nautica NMX 1000 Solar Quartz Dive Watch

Summer may be over for all intents and purposes, but Nautica is looking to extend that season a little bit for you with their latest watch, the cryptically named NMX 1000.  Name aside, this is a watch that will get attention, and looks to be a snap to read (not

Nautica NMX 300 Watch Should Be For Ghost Rider

Can you please humor me for a moment and consider that this new line of NMX 300 watches from Nautica is perfect for Marvel's Ghost Rider. I am talking about the comic book character, as I actually never got to see the Nicholas Cage movie version that I was warned

Nautica NMX 400 Watch With Five Movements

This is a big and bold watch if I have ever seen one. Part of me likes the watch, part of me is a bit freaked out by it. The 58mm wide monster from Nautica is certainly inspired by brands like Ikepod and N.O.A. Nautica's result is the brand new