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N.O.A Ghost Collection Watches

It sure has been a while since we heard from Swiss watch maker N.O.A. I've always liked their stuff, but a sad silence has emanated from the brand for a while. At least on our front door. Why? Well, perhaps it might have something to do with the economy and

Future Diving With N.O.A; The 4.80 Scyllis Dive Watch

Yes, this is undeniably a nice watch, with a futurism industrial twist. It most reminds me of the style seen on mid 1990s nautical-themed science fiction TV show, "Sea Quest." Notice the "techy" font used for the numbers and the rounded edges combined with sleek ridged rubber and you will

N.O.A Skell And Ghost Watches

We recently introduced the N.O.A Ghost collection of watches for 2013 with a sneak peak shot of the skeletonized, skull-emblazoned dial. Now you get to see the full collection along with the sister Skell collection of timepieces. Let's get some initial confusion out of the way. First, the collections are

Italian Tendence Round Gulliver Watches: Budget N.O.A

You have got to see the advertising that Tendence No Limits watches produce. One of the video's below is an advertisement, while the other video shows a type of marketing that Italian Tendence engages in. That being a location in the virtual world Second Life. They aren't the first company

N.O.A Watches At Baselworld 2010

An underdog watch brand that I really like is N.O.A. Funny how Americans says the letters out (as it is actually an acronym) for "none of the above," but in Europe they seem to say it like it is a word. I met with N.O.A ("NOA") in Baselworld to check