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MTM Falcon Watch Review

The point of this watch is either an idea you'll immediately love or dismiss. For tactical and utility purposes, this MTM Falcon watch has a dial which turns into a light. It started with the MTM Hawk collection and evolved here in the Falcon range. These are special proprietary designs

GIVEAWAY: MTM Silencer Watch

I am really excited to give a lucky reader an opportunity to win one of MTM's newest watches - the Silencer. This watch builds on the brand's strengths as a tactical watch offering a new level of style and functionality. The first thing you should know is that while this

MTM ‘Rad’ Radiation Detector Watch Review

The MTM Rad radiation detection watch is, with no exaggeration, a unique watch. Very few people will ever need one and those that do will be delighted to find it. You see, this watch has a Geiger counter in it. $1,500 gets you a very unobtrusive radiation detector you can wear

Watch Winner Review: MTM Silencer

Follow-up review from Guy in Canada, winner of the MTM Silencer watch giveaway on aBlogtoWatch last October. I was very pleased to hear that I had won the MTM Special Ops Silencer from aBlogtoWatch and am grateful for the opportunity to share my impressions of this timepiece. I selected the silver

MTM Silencer Watch Giveaway Winner Announced

Congrats to Guy B. from Calgary, Canada who was randomly selected as the winner of last month's MTM Silencer watch giveaway. Hopefully we will get some follow-up thoughts after he gets the watch and enjoys it for a while. I am curious myself as to how that vibration alarm works.