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Easy Does It With The Mido Jubilee Chronometer Watch

Sometimes you want something excessive and sporty; or perhaps something stunning and formal. Other times however you really want just something simple, elegant, and useful; but that doesnt look like a drugstore Timex (shudder). For those times there is the new Mido Jubilee. A nicely designed watch without a hint

Mido Commander II & Great Wall Watches

Mido is one of Swatch Group's smaller brands that you rarely hear about. If you do, you know that like Tissot or (not available in the US) Certina, Mido offers some decent looking pieces at pretty reasonable prices (for a Swiss mechanical watch). As one of the underdog brands, sources

Mido Multifort Gents & Chrono Valjoux Watches For 2009

Mido has had a long history of Multifort watches over the years. I don't really get the name, and the people at Mido I spoke with don't really understand it either. Some combination of the world "multi" and "comfort?" Which means what? It provide multiple types of comfort, OK.... Anyhow,

Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Watch Hands-On

One of the surprise hits for me at Baselworld 2016 was the new Mido Ocean Star Captain V in titanium (reference M026.430.44.061.00). Mido is one of the less well-known Swatch Group brands, at least in the United States, but it has some cool watches such as the Commander and Multifort.