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MB&F Astrograph Pen Collaboration With Caran D’Ache

Imagination incarnate. That’s the modus operandi of MB&F, who manages to make the unexpected something of a routine with every wild new release. As though set in some alternate universe from an H. G. Wells novel, MB&F brings a distinct science fiction twist to everyday objects, like a sentient robot

MB&F Destination Moon Clock By L’Epée

The quirky collaborations between Swiss watchmaker MB&F and Swiss clock-maker L’Epée have a unique identity that is equal parts outrageous, childlike awe-inducing, and sometimes head-scratchingly confusing. Whether it's a nightmare-inducing mechanical arachnid or a whimsical yet seemingly war-ready robot buddy, these projects have explored some, let's say, "creative" concepts in the

MB&F LM1 Final Edition Watch In Steel Hands-On

MB&F will close the chapter on the Legacy Machine No. 1 watch with the 2017 MB&F LM1 Final Edition. This "last of the collection" limited-edition LM1 will be offered with a "chocolate brown" dial matched to a steel case. This is the first time the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 watch

MB&F Legacy Machine 2 (LM2) Titanium Watch Hands-On

At SIHH 2017, Geneva-based MB&F released a new limited-edition version of the Legacy Machine No. 2 watch with a fascinating greenish-blue dial and a titanium case. It was back in 2013 that MB&F released its second iteration of the then still fresh Legacy Machine collection which eschewed the very modern

MB&F HM6 SV ‘Sapphire Vision’ Watch Hands-On

After I went hands-on with the HM6's caliber as part of our Movement Hands-On Series in 2014, I thought it would be the last time for me to see this unique array of 475 components and 68 jewels. Happily, I was proven wrong the moment the MB&F HM6 SV "Sapphire Vision"

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch

For SIHH 2017, Geneva, Switzerland-based watchmaker MB&F debuts the Horological Machine No. 7 (HM7) Aquapod - and it is pretty darn cool. While diving watch in style, MB&F is quick to point out that the "HM7 is not a diving watch." Why? If there is one downside to this marvelous

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends March 10, 2017

Let’s begin this roundup with one of the most iconic Rolex models. The Datejust might not be the first watch most readers think of when Rolex is mentioned, but it is certainly one of Rolex’s most important and ubiquitous watches. It is one of those watches that is surely guaranteed

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Watch Hands-On

On the wrist, the Horological Machine No. 7 "Aquapod" felt as though it was easily the weirdest MB&F timepiece I'd ever put on. Those who know the brand will be quick to point out the severity of that statement. Pretty much all MB&F Horological Machine (HM) timepieces are weird by

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch

Today, MB&F Launches four limited edition watches that are already sold out. That is a shame, but only if you are the type of person who is known to spend half a million dollars per timepiece. The MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 "Alien Nation" is the brand's latest "performance art" watch