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Maitres du Temps Chapter Three Watch Hands-On

What do the Maitres du Temps Chapter Three Reveal and the MB&F Legacy Machine Number 1 watches have in common? First of all, they both celebrate high-end independent watch makers. Second, they are collaborative works based mostly on the efforts of two men. The MB&F LM1 combines the talents of

Maitres du Temps Chapter One Watch Hands-On

A little while ago I got the opportunity to have some hands-on time with the venerable Maitres du Temps Chapter One watch. The experience was incredible, as a timepiece like this really stands out above and beyond most other super luxury watches. It is really all the little things when

Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round Transparence Watch

Steven Holtzman founded Maitres du Temps (i.e. Masters of Time) in 2005 to create a brand that enabled some of the most acknowledged individual watchmakers to overcome their own technical and aesthetic limitations and collectively develop timepieces that they never would have conceived on their own. So far, six master watchmakers

Maitres du Temps Chapter Three Reveal Watch

Round watches are certainly in again this year. Well round watches are pretty much ALWAYS in - though for high-end brand Maitres du Temps a 42mm wide round-cased watch is a bit unexpected. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the new Chapter Three Reveal watch looks like. For their third creation