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Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Dive Watch Review

New Zealand-based Magrette watches as a brand is almost akin to a close friend. The brand started around when aBlogtoWatch started, and a Magrette timepiece was one of the first watches I reviewed for aBlogtoWatch, almost 10 years ago. Magrette has been there all along, steadily making better and better watches

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Watch Review

Today, we'll be looking at another great entry into what I'm calling the Office Diver category (more on that in a minute) from our friends over at Magrette.  We first brought you word of the watch late last year (here), and today we've got the hands-on review of the Moana

Magrette Dual Time Watch Review

When it comes to watches that track more than one timezone, you have a variety of options. Most commonly, this will take the form of a GMT hand, and those looking for more complexity in their movements may opt for one of the varieties of world timers that are available.

Magrette Regattare Tiki Watch

Magrette is a small independent watch brand hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. We have covered their watches in the past and they have recently announced a new addition to their Regattare line of sport dive watches. The new Regattare Tiki will offer a wider range of dial colors as well

Magrette Regattare Vintage Limited Edition Watch

New Zealand is probably one of the last places in the world that comes to mind when you think of watches. However, this small country, tucked far away in the corner of the world, is home to Magrette Watches. Having reviewed a few of their watches in the past, we are no strangers

Magrette Leoncino Watch

When it comes to watches from Magrette, you know precisely what you're getting from their lineup. Sure, there are various stylistic differences to the pieces, and movements changed around, but you knew if you dug through their catalog, you'd see cushion-cased divers, plain and simple. Or at least, that's the

Forging The Magrette Regattare Carbon Watch

When you think of the watches coming from New Zealand-based Magrette, you might be tempted to write them off as "seen one, seen them all." While it is true that they follow a particular design style, there are some interesting variations across the lineup (not to mention the heavily-engraved series).

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch

Now in its tenth year of operation, it’s almost unfair to call Magrette a "micro" anymore, as the Auckland, NZ-based brand has earned its place at the table and continues to impress with affordable, original designs that have maintained their staying power in an increasingly crowded space of independent watch