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Winner Announced: LEGO Watches For Adults

Congrats to Kort K. from Florida, USA who was the lucky winner of the special four LEGO watches for adults giveaway that we recently offered here on aBlogtoWatch. Please enter to win three Swatch watches for Mother's and Father's Day this month on aBlogtoWatch here. SOURCE:

JC de Castelbajac Lego Watch Collection

Honestly, what can I really say about these watches that isn't clear from what you see. Designer Lego style digital timepieces from French designer JC de Castelbajac (JC DC). It is actually part of his whole future Lego wear lineup. You can see the Lego version of it in the

GIVEAWAY: Four LEGO Watches For Adults

We aren't ashamed (in fact, we are proud) to admit that we love LEGO's collection of watches for adults. aBlogtoWatch debuted the LEGO adult watch collection last October. LEGO watches for kids have been around for a while, but just a few months before the release of the LEGO Movie (which

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults

We are proud to be the first to announce a new collection of LEGO brand watches for adults. That's right, LEGO, which has had a large collection of kids watches for years, will soon launch a comprehensive collection of timepieces for men and women in November 2013. These are among