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Jorg Gray JG1900 Watch Review

Jorg Gray is the company that makes the JG6500 watch. You might know it as the President Obama watch, because it is the watch that he wears most of the time. This little fact has catapulted an otherwise small watch company into a phenomenon. So I am going to share

Jorg Gray JR9400-21 Watch Review

I have got to hand it to Jorg Gray for keeping up momentum and trying new things. The previous generation of Jorg Gray timepieces were designed to offer more reasonably priced alternatives to popular designs from expensive high-end watch brands. I anticipated that the brand would take a few years

The Grand Holiday Watch Giveaway For 2011

It's another holiday season and to celebrate your dedicated readership of this month's giveaway will have multiple winners (not just one). Like any other month, you follow the simple instructions below to enter for a chance to win a watch. If you are chosen as a winner then you'll

Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review

Have you ever been interested in an IWC Portuguese watch but couldn't afford it, or didn't want to spend the money on it? For many people, this superb classic is the epitome of luxury and style, but sometimes it is too much luxury. There are actually not too many similar

Jorg Gray JG3700 Watches

One of Jorg Gray’s new for 2011 models is the JG3700 collection that comes in both three-hand and chronograph models. For an interesting watch under $1,000 Jorg Gray offers a lot of good choices. Visually interesting though still classic in their proportions the JG3700 watch collection is an interesting range. One