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Jean Dunand Shabaka Watch For 2015 Hands-On

The original Jean Dunand Shabaka from 2007 has long been among my favorite haute horlogerie timepieces, and so you can imagine how excited I was when, after a long and hectic week at Baselworld, we finally got to meet with the brand, and, at last, I had the chance to go hands-on with

Jean Dunand Shabaka Watch

It isn't still a new release, but it is still darn good. The Shabaka watch by Jean Dunand is a special style of watch that takes a bit from the world of art deco (look up artist Jean Dunand and you'll understand), and what feels like British mod artists in

Jean Dunand Palace Watch

It is cool, it is crazy, it is almost $420,000. "Piece Unique" watch maker Jean Dunand presents the Palace watch. A pretty incredible looking timepiece. In addition to my article over at Haute Living (see link bel0w), I have for you what I believe are the very first live photographs

Jean Dunand Shabaka Watch Hands-On

Hands-on with the Shabaka watch was very interesting. I have been fascinated by the Art Deco-themed watch by Jean Dunand since it came out a few years ago. Jean Dunand is an interesting super-high-end brand that produces exclusively "piece unique" creations. On my wrist is an 18k white gold Shabaka