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Beautiful Israeli Itay Noy Duality Watch Collection

Itay Noy is a totally Tel Aviv, Israel based watch maker. The brand is named after its founder, Itay Noy, who is the heart of the manufacture. He's won several international design awards, which makes sense given the impressive character and refinement of his designs. With an impressive collection of

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review

The Itay Noy X-Ray watch collection as a concept continues to impress me - I last reviewed their ID watch here. The idea of this newer piece isn't overly complex but it is satisfying and poetic. I am not sure of what inspired him, but Israeli Itay Noy (a man

Itay Noy DiaLOG Watch

For 2012 Israeli watch maker Itay Noy does it again with an interesting timepiece design that both intrigues and confuses a bit. It is called the DiaLOG watch and according to the brand offers more than one way of reading the time (it took me a little while to find

Itay Noy Hyper Scape Watches

Israeli watchmaker Itay Noy presents these two new Hyper Scape collection watches for 2013. The Hyper Scape collection includes the Hyper Cityscape and Landscape watches, each in positive or negative color tones - that roughly translate into being a day and night feel for the look. The watches further contain a

Itay Noy Part Time Watch

In a studio in Tel-Aviv, the creative mind of Itay Noy conceives made-to-order timepieces that are sure to catch the eye. His latest offering – displayed at Baselworld 2015 – is the Itay Noy Part Time. Available in four color schemes, limited to 24 pieces each, the concept of the

Itay Noy Identity Hebrew Watch Review

This is the Identity Hebrew watch made by Tel Aviv, Israel based watch maker Itay Noy. Part of the Identity collection, this watch focuses on using Hebrew letters for the hour indicators. One thing you should know about Hebrew is that letters are also specifically assigned numeric values. As such,

Itay Noy X-Ray & Netline Watches Close Up

For 2011 Israeli watch maker Itay Noy offers new pieces including the X-Ray and Netline collection. Of the watches use a new case that offers the same Itay Noy type of smooth look and feel with a new shape that includes bulging case screws. The cases are on the larger

Itay Noy Chrono Gears Watch

Being a watch nerd, I am in the habit of scanning people's wrists everyday in the hope of discovering a new and exciting timepiece. From what I have experienced so far, one can easily come across anything ranging from a Seiko to a Rolex on a regular basis, but it is not