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Rpaige Skyscraper Art Deco Watch

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser Background: After collaborating on the design of the "Duo-Face" watch from the Rpaige Watch Co., Richard Paige challenged Duo-Face case designer Mark Carson to come up with an unexpected watch design. The result was the art deco "Crash of '29" watch which used restored

Mark Carson Ka La Ladies Watch On Kickstarter

Sponsored Post In 2010, I started Individual Design (now marketed as Mark Carson) with the goal of producing uniquely designed, high quality watches at affordable prices. It took 2 years to develop and begin deliveries of my men's Ka La ("The Sun" in Hawaiian) watches. Ever since those first customer deliveries

GIVEAWAY: Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La Watch

Summer continues as we offer one lucky reader a Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii "Ka La" timepiece this month on aBlogtoWatch. Mark Carson designed and assembles each Ka La watch in Hawaii, with their unique design yet classic composure. The Ka La watch (hands-on review here) collection includes about a

Mark Carson Ka La Sport Watches

Sponsored Post by Mark Carson Being a Sponsored Post, this is where the usual marketing hype goes. However, regular readers of aBlogtoWatch may know me (Mark Carson/Individual Design) from my many comments or from the series on retailers, and marketing hype is not my thing. So I will cut to the

Individual Design Ka La Watch Review

It doesn't take a lot for a guy to go out and buy a watch from one of the major timepiece producers. Sure you need the actual cash, but purchasing a Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, or any of the other name brands is often a mental no-brainer. That's because those

LAST CHANCE: Mark Carson Ka La Watch Giveaway

One lucky winner at the end of this month will live on "Island Time" with a new assembled in Hawaii with Swiss automatic movement Ka La watch by Mark Carson. Enter for your chance to win this watch here before August is over. SOURCE:

Watch Winner Review: Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La

Shawn H. from Simi Valley, California was the lucky winner of the Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La watch that was the aBlogtoWatch giveaway piece in August. Here are his thoughts and wrist shots: The human mind is a complicated thing. Upon entering The aBlogtoWatch Giveaway, I left a positive comment and