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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 144: Warp BS

Are you curious about the Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch that ideally should make its Swiss way on wrists by the end of the year? So are we, and we delve right into it. We also discuss Mondaine's new automatic and Ulysse Nardin's new Freak watch models. The guys discuss whether or not

Hyetis Crossbow Swiss Mechanical Smartwatch + Interview

We know that smartwatches are definitely an in thing (and if you don't, here are some of our articles on the topic), and of course Swiss-made watches are something we're all keenly aware of. To-date though, those have been mutually exclusive descriptors. And that makes sense, as smartwatches are generally

Hyetis Alpha Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid Watch

Several years in the making, and following a lot of angry e-mails to Hyetis from customers wondering when they would receive anything, and now Arny Kapshitzer's Hyetis brand is finally set to ship their first watch - now known as the Hyetis Alpha. Anticipated to be the premier Swiss smartwatch