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Hoptroff No.14 Watch Review

For the past fortnight, I've been walking around with the new Hoptroff No.14 on my wrist, and I must admit it's been an enjoyable experience. When it comes to branding, there are not many more identifiable than Hoptroff. The London-based watch company is unusual in style (notice the absence of

Hoptroff Atomic Watches: Now In Wearable Sizes

After presenting the wrist-worn No. 16 atomic clock watch about a year ago, Richard Hoptroff is back with the Hoptroff No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 atomic wrist watches that he claims are now "wearable." What I am actually spending the most time thinking about is how the Number

Hoptroff No. 16 Atomic Wrist Watch For 1000 Year Accuracy

The Hoptroff No. 16 is the first wrist watch from the "atomic watchmaker" Richard Hoptroff that brought you the No. 10 Atomic Pocket watch. aBlogtoWatch interviewed Richard Hoptroff and discussed personal atomic timekeeping and the No. 10 pocket watch here. Today, Hoptroff has released the Hoptroff No. 16 Atomic wrist