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HD3 Bi-Axial Tourbillon Watch + Video

This new TheTimeTV video from HD3 featuring watch designer Fabrice Gonet offers a very interesting glimpse into the origin and philosophy behind HD3, and watch brands like it. The focus of the video is the pictured HD3 Bi-axial Tourbillon watch. This watch is important to me, because I had a

HD3 Hidalgo XT-2 Watch Available On James List

This watch represents a very rare breed. I believe the HD3 Hidalgo XT-2 (AKA Idalgo XT-2) was introduced in about 2006 and is one of the rarer HD3 models. This fascinating watch is a new relic. Something that might not have seen the light of day if it was introduced

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 111 – The Automaton Slyde

We discuss the very cool (let's call them amazing) 18th century Jaquet Droz android automatons and the art of miniaturization and technology after a hands-on look. We discuss what a driver's style watch is, and a limited edition Vacheron Constantin model for the American market, the Historiques American 1921 Boutique New

HD3 Slyde Watch Review

This is the Slyde by HD3. It represents a lot of things and is one of the most unique high-end watches on the market today. It is digital and has a touchscreen. It also comes with a charging base and can connect to your computer. Right now it doesn't have

Russian President Medvedev Wearing HD3 Slyde Watch

When celebrities like actors and athletes are seen wearing watches I don't care too much. Mostly because I know what is involved in getting those watches on said actors and athletes. When important politicians wear watches I find it a bit more interesting, usually because they don't engage in things