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Guess Gc Sport Class XXL Watch Review

"Gc" stands for "Guess Collection" but they aren't the only timepieces with the Guess brand name on them. There are also lower-range Guess watches leaving Gc pieces to be the brand's higher-end family of watches - that we are further proud to say are still quite affordable. In the past

Gc Sport Class XL Watch

Does anything about this watch look familiar? It should if you follow Zenith watches at all. This is Gc's rendition of the Zenith Defy X-treme watches. Frankly, I think the Gc does it a bit better, especially on the price side. I am sorry, the Zenith Defy X-treme watches are

GIVEAWAY: Gc Gc-3 Automatic Watch

Gc watches are one of the more mainstream watch brands that we enjoy. Gc is the higher-end arm of Guess watches, which produce good looking timepieces that offer a fair amount for the money in the mostly $500 - $1,000 range. Modern and with a focus on urban style, these

Watch Winner Announced: Gc GC-3 Automatic

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the January 2014 aBlogtoWatch Gc GC-3 Automatic watch giveaway is Mr. Oliver S. from Bedford, UK. Congratulations, Oliver! Please enter for a chance to win this month's giveaway watch which is a Traser Red Combat. SOURCE:

Watch Winner Review: Gc Gc-3 Automatic

In January 2014 the aBlogtoWatch giveaway watch was a fine looking Gc Gc-3 automatic. Our fortunate winner was Mr. Oliver S., and he has returned with some thoughts and pictures of his new timepiece. We thank Oliver and many of the other watch winners for following the aBlogtoWatch tradition of