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Grand Seiko Event At Topper Fine Jewelers On Thursday, May 11

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser. Our last few Grand Seiko events at Topper featured Grand Seiko's legendary Japanese craftsmen performing impressive demonstrations disassembling and reassembling their esteemed calibres. This Thursday, May 11, 2017, will be a different type of event. Our good friend, Seiko USA’s Rusty Rowlands, will present

Grand Seiko Becomes Autonomous Brand In 2017

As a high-end sub-brand of Japanese watchmaking giant Seiko, Grand Seiko has always stood apart. Now, however, it does so formally, as President & CEO Shinji Hattori today announced that Grand Seiko will be presented as an "entirely separate brand" from Seiko. This, in essence, should be interpreted as more

Grand Seiko SBGH252 & SBGH254 Two-Tone Watches

You have probably already read the important news here that, from 2017 onwards, Grand Seiko is being presented as a separate brand from Seiko. On that note, our editor David wanted to make a couple of points before Kenny gives you all the details on the watches. There are a bunch of things to be