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Graff Diamonds Hallucination, The $55 Million Quartz Watch

At first glance, one could hardly spot anything really tentative about Graff Diamonds' first appearance at Baselworld earlier this year. The booth, 503 square meters upon a single elevated space, was designed by Graff's Monaco-based interior design team in the likeness of a Graff Boutique. The booth was quite charming indeed,

Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch

Until this point, Graff’s contribution to watchmaking has been a 55-million-dollar diamond-encrusted quartz watch. However, the vertically-integrated, London-based jeweller is making a serious run at the annals of haute horology with its foremost Baselworld 2016 offering: the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar. Obviously, as a Graff creation, you can rest assured there