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Fortis Andora Emotion Limited Art Edition Watch

Holy crap, what is this thing? I realize this is one of Fortis' edgy "Art Edition" watches, but wow. This is unexpected for even the art version of the serious tool watch brand's products. Limited to just 100 pieces and in a 42mm wide titanium case, this watch isn't just

Recall Your Math Classes With The Fortis 2pi Watch

When it comes to the so-called "art watches," there are a few brands that I would offer up as creating watches of this nature. Funnily enough, until today, Fortis was not a brand that I would have put into that category. As it is largely a dial-based sort of effort,

Fortis Marinemaster Vintage Limited Edition Watch

Fortis nods to itself and the 1970s with this limited edition dive watch with a cool look and generic name that is reminiscent of the era of cool looks and generic names. The Marinemaster Vintage Limited Edition watch reminds us of what it was like when mechanical watches were still

Fortis F-43 Jumping Hour Limited Edition Watches Hands-On

For 2013 Swiss Fortis releases two new limited edition Jumping Hour watches based on the system developed for the recent Fortis B-47 Mysterious Planets watch. These new watches are in the F-43 collection and are more plainly just called the Jumping Hour Limited Edition pieces. Two versions are available, one with

Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial

There is something comical about just how busy Fortis made this B-47 Calculator watch. Even the name is silly. When you hear the term "calculator watch" you immediately think of something digital quartz, and Japanese. I've had calculator watches when I was a kid. I loved those. I wouldn't wear

Fortis Wants To Make Custom Labeled Watches For You

Swiss watch brand Fortis has expanded their private label business to North America in partnership with their regional distributor the Gevril Group. Private label watches are those that have your own marking, logo, or image on the dial next to the Fortis logo. This is in contrast to white labeled