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Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph Watch

Just in time for Baselworld 2016, Eterna is releasing the vintage-inspired Super Kontiki Chronograph. Keeping in line with the styling of last year's reintroduction of the Super Kontiki, Eterna is adding a chronograph complication to the retro diver that joins the family of one of their most popular collections. Paying homage

Eterna Gent Automatic & Quartz Dress Watches Are A Good Value

Given that I wear mostly sport or casual watches, I've never been particularly compelled to spend a lot of money on a nice dress watch. Assuming I was attending black-tie occasions with regularity, I'd look into something nice from Rolex, Chopard, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, etc... Since I don't, the idea of

Eterna KonTiki Bronze Manufacture Watch

As we creep ever-closer to Baselworld 2017, the numbers of brands without a bronze watch in their catalog continue to dwindle. The latest to lose its bronze virginity is Eterna, whose KonTiki Bronze Manufacture watch celebrates the 70th anniversary of Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl’s 5,000-mile trek across the Pacific Ocean in

Eterna KonTiki Manufacture Bronze Dive Watch Hands-On

At Baselworld 2017, Eterna debuted a new limited-edition version of an also new collection of KonTiki dive watches for the 70th anniversary of the famed ocean adventure of Thor Heyerdahl on the craft called the KonTiki. The limited-edition Eterna KonTiki Manufacture Bronze (debuted here) might be similar at a glance to

Eterna Granges 1856 Watch

It’s been 160 years since Eterna first opened its doors for business, and to celebrate, the venerable Swiss brand is introducing the Granges 1856 watch – a svelte 3-hander fitted with a unique in-house-produced movement that builds on Eterna’s revolutionary modular Caliber 39. The Eterna Granges 1856 could punctuate a

Eterna Super KonTiki Watches For 2015

Eterna seems to have realized that the Super KonTiki watch is a valuable "character" in the brand's DNA and is bringing the famed dive watch back in a strong way for 2015. So for Baselworld 2015, Eterna will be releasing a new Eterna Super KonTiki watch collection in a few

Eterna Royal KonTiki Chronograph Watch

For 2016, Eterna will release what will perhaps be the nicest version of the "new" Royal KonTiki yet - with these Eterna Royal KonTiki Chronograph watches. All Eterna Royal KonTiki watches currently use forms of Eterna's very nice in-house made Caliber 39 (which our David Bredan thoroughly detailed here). Eterna

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review

Among the many great historic dive watch "families" is the Eterna KonTiki. The famed range of sport watches has had a legion of variants over the years and has dabbled in entry-level to exotic depending on the model and the direction the company was going. What is clear, however, is